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iS2 has supplied us with top notch Siebel / Genesys Architects and Senior Developers who have uniformly done excellent work consistently meeting or exceeding our expectations…To meet many aggressive deadlines, iS2 put forth 150% effort to get the job done on time and professionally. The company and their people have a deep commitment to the customer and worked together with us to overcome any obstacles in delivering a successful project.

I highly recommend iS2 for other Siebel projects and would enjoy partnering with the organization again in the future.

Chris Windsor,
North American Lead, IT Infrastructure and Architecture

Leading Freight Company

Upper management had given us the monumental task of implementing CTI at three call centers in less than 90 days.  This included purchasing and deploying the hardware, deploying the software, building and loading the databases, perform a load and performance test, and code and test multiple last minute softphone modifications.  All this, while our internal IT team focused on other projects at the same time.  iS2 was extremely conscientious and worked tirelessly to insure all was completed on time and on budget.

I highly recommend iS2 and would use them again without hesitation.

CTI Team Lead,
Leading Freight Company

iS2 @ Leading Freight Company

  • Genesys Framework and Routing Install and Configuration – 3 FTE’s, 3 Months
  • Custom Soft Phone Development with integration with Web based custom agent desktop – 3 FTE’s, 3 Months
  • GVP IVR Installation and Application Development of Roadway’s Self Service IVR Channel with Text To Speech, Speech Recognition and real time back end integration - 3 FTE’s, 3 Months
  • Upgrade of 4 call centers to Genesys 7.6 & custom soft phone to 800 plus agents across 4 call centers – 3 FTE’s, 3 Months, Fixed Bid.

iS2 @ DiverseyLever / JohnsonDiversey

  • Siebel Sales, Service & Order Management System Design, Development, Validation & Deployment (with full data migration from legacy system and batch / real time integration with order management system) to 2 Call Centers – 3 FTE’s, 8 Months
  • Genesys Lab Installation, Configuration, Validation and Integration with Siebel at Two Call Centers – 3 FTE’s, 2 Months