Professional Services & Enterprise Voice Solutions

About Us

  • Elite Turnkey Enterprise Professional Services since 2003

    1. Contact Center Hardware & Software Installation
    2. CRM Deployments
    3. Cisco IP Telephony & Network Installations
    4. Cloud Data & Database Infrastructure

  • Enterprise Technical Support, Troubleshooting & Servicing

    1. Certified Repair Technicians for a variety of platforms
    2. Prompt SLAs
    3. New Program for Corporate customers: FREE Courtesy Diagnostics on Personal Computers

  • Creator of Hosted, Thin Client Pre-Built Solutions that are designed to save money today:

    1. Agent SoftPhone
    2. Voice, SMS & Social Media Notifications
    3. One-Click Click2Connect for Web App Users wanting to easily contact customer care
    4. Click2Dial for internal Enterprise Users making outbound calls
    5. One-Click Conferencing for internal users
    6. CB/Radio Integration for Call Centers
    7. Interactive SMS Response Solution with Web Callback
    8. kall+ & Supervisor+ Mobile Phone Apps
    9. Visual IVR Cosumer Mobile/Web Interfaces
    10. Automated Low-Cost & Self-Service Call Center Stress Test Load Generation and Monitoring

iS2 is anything but the ordinary professional services organization. iS2 prides on embracing a much greater technical depth and providing innovative superior systemic solutions, stepping ahead, to exceed your business objectives. We are different. Let us show you how.