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Visual IVR & Click2Connect Demonstration

Visual IVR & Click2Connect technologies provide a seamless connection from your corporate website or online self service channel back to your call center. The driving force behind this is iS2's hosted telephony application service, which allows your website to submit a Customer Request for a Call and process this request in real-time via our Intelligent Routing Engine. While on you web channel, various pieces of customer information such as username, web page / account section being browsed, click history, IP address location, etc - are available to be sent to us and you, for more intelligent routing, as well bypassing of redundant IVR menus. Once discerning where in your call center this call should land, we initiate the call using our partner phone network (which provides additional savings). The call receiving agent can be provided a more complete state of your customers web experience, such as the product they are viewing, their account information, etc. to result in faster resolution and of course a better customer experience. We find that customers navigate the visually presented menu or questions faster and more accurately, helping your contact center avoid expensive inter-agent transfers, zero-outs, and lengthy calls as result of customer frustration.

This demonstration will allow you to pass in your corporate website, to see a quick mockup of what your Click2Connect enabled site would look like. You will notice the phone numbers (as a temporary mockup) are converted to buttons, which can then be clicked by the user to now receive a call from the call center, in real time.

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Self-Service Load Testing

Load or Stress Testing of systems is often skipped, simply as result of a shortage of budget or time. We feel that such testing should be available and producable as part of any regression test or any systems change. Our goal is to take traditional engagement model for such a service out, such as the RFP, negotiations, consultation hours, etc. iS2 does offer a full-fledged service that is with the traditional model, while still being a fraction of our competitor's cost. But, we would also like to introduce an ultra-low cost option for generating phone traffic against your systems. This system will allow you to sign in, build a basic script, select the number of calls you'd like, and have our peered phone switches fire away. Pay using Paypal for the telephony Minutes of Use.

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Web Driven Voice Notifications

In the course of running your business, especially in these times, ups and downs are bound to occur. Whether it is a catastrophic incident delaying your shipments or a financial deposit into one of your customer accounts, our very easy to use notification solution can relay a personalized message on demand to your customer. The link below demonstrates how any message can be relayed a list of recipients. Not shown here, is that fact that you can also play an audio file provided by you, instead of the Text to Voice. Let us show you how this capability can be integrated in your backend workflows via simple HTTP Post or calls to our API.

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On Demand Conferencing

Sometimes real-time communication and resolution is critical, where email or SMS is simply not effective enough. Our solution calls a group of phone numbers that you provide to us, playing a custom message announcing the conferencing call, and allowing the recipient to opt-in by pressing one. In one click, you can have a group of your contacts on the phone, and this click can initiate from within your existing intranet site or business applications.

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